Royal Academy Of Dance

Syllabus and Exams.

Acro and Tumbling Skills.

Increasing Strength and Flexibility.

Mix of Classical ballet, modern, jazz. It uses isolations and breathing techniques through the movement.

Commercial dance refers to the style of dance you see in music videos or for artists live performances. It takes influences from hip hop, jazz, popping and locking.

Tap is a form of percussion using the feet in shoes with metal toe and heels, to create sound.

Jazz is fun and suitable for all ages. It requires a strong classical base to compliment the dynamic movement such as leaps, kicks and jumps. It often has a strong and lively feel.

Modern dance uses classical technique, but has more of a free structure. Using floor work, contractions, isolations and kicks. Working in parallel.

London Academy Of Music and Dramatic Art.

Acting and Musical theatre classes.

Technique classes to help master turns such a pirouettes and 

techniques to increase elevation for leaps and jumps.

Fast paced, intense class for strength, stamina and flexibility. 

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